City Council: Where's the Plan?


Homelessness is one of the most pressing issues facing our city.

Since the beginning of 2017, homelessness increased by 37% - and even the number of kids in encampments and without stable homes is rising. Yet City Council is spending $70 million a year with no result.

Why? Because City Council has no plan. Under their watch, homelessness continues to grow while council leadership has ignored real solutions and task force findings that would help the now more than 4,000 people that live on the streets. Instead of proposing solutions to finding permanent housing, City Council has allowed tent encampments and car camping β€” ignoring the inhumanity, easy spread of illness and growing number of children who call a tent home.  And now they are asking for more money without a clear path forward. We elected City Council to help. Is this the Seattle we believe in?

It’s time to tell City Council to make it better. We need to develop a balanced approach that includes reform, efficiencies, and priority programs with measurable outcomes to reduce the unsheltered homeless population in Seattle, and help the people who need us to stop wasting dollars the most.